• Clean donors are selected using 1984-1989 3.2 liter Carreras.
  • Depending on condition, most cars will be media blasted to a bare metal shell.
  • The entire drivetrain, suspension, glass and interior is removed in preparation for restoration.
  • The empty shell then has steel flares welded on and all original-type fiberglass parts added to transform the car to it’s new look.
  • Once painted, each car gets an all-new interior to include seats, lightweight carpet, dashboard, door panels, headliner, visors, as well as front and rear glass and all new gaskets throughout.
  • During the body restoration, the engine and transmission are rebuilt and detailed to a high standard.
  • Each build gets fully rebuilt suspension with new shocks and bushings.
  • New brakes are fitted to each corner along with new, period correct wheels and tires, true to the original Porsche 2.8 RSR.
  • Each car is shaken-down to ensure it meets our strict standards of quality.