The RSR Project specializes in restoring, rebuilding and tailoring a cult classic for Porsche enthusiasts, the RSR. With a passion for the cars as the catalyst for the business, Richard and his team build custom dream cars with various engine sizes, interior features, and numerous details making your dream RSR possible.


Richard Schickman, founder of the RSR Project, has had a love for Porsches since the early 1980s; his passion and knowledge of classic cars combine with his business experience to form the foundation of this exciting venture. The RSR Project began with a personal pursuit to build a dream car of his own, and Richard soon realised he wasn’t alone in his desire to have his own interpretation of the mythical beast that is the RSR.

Richard has made a specialty in recreating the Porsche 911 RSR, one of the most iconic performance cars ever built. Working directly with his clients, he conceptualizes their dreams of creating the perfect RSR, maintaining a hands-on approach from start to finish and sharing each phase with clients along the way. Combining his endless knowledge of vintage Porsches with a classic sense of style and signature touches like the use of fine Scottish plaids, Richard’s passion and craftsmanship are the catalyst for his business.



It was a long wait, but really worth it. The vehicle has a beautiful finish and is an absolute stunner! The paint is simply breathtaking. The attention to detail is top-notch and makes it a real head turner on the road especially with the sound of the exhaust. The curves and lines of the car are professionally crafted and adds to its overall elegance. It's not just about the looks though, this car delivers a super driving experience!

Abdulaziz - Kuwait
What an incredibly built hooligan car! Richard truly captures the essence of the RSR with all the details down to the tires. I’m incredibly impressed with the level of work done and how well it’s been put together. Looks and feels like it came out from Porsche’s own racing department in the 70’s.

I also couldn’t be happier working with Richard and going through the speccing of the build to my exact requirements. Two words that rang true throughout the entire process ‘uncompromising, integrity’… the ideal dream car builder!

Saad S.
Richard presents to you a blank canvas upon which to create your dream Porsche, and that’s exactly the opportunity I seized. Not only does he deliver an immaculate product but he’s also a professional and genuine guy. He was a joy to work with building my Light Grey RSR Tribute!

I’ve owned quite a few Porsches in my lifetime, and recently, I ascended the GT lineage from a GT4 all the way up to a GT2 RS. I was looking for a return to the more analog and pure Porsche experience and a quick search lead me to Richard and his impeccable work.

Richard delivered a car, on time, exactly as we designed together, that is as beautiful to drive as it is to admire for its beauty. Bravo.

Jason H.
I initially saw an article on Richard and his cars in The Porsche Club Magazine Panorama in April 2018. I was not ready at the time to pull the trigger on one of his cars, but 6 months later Richard happened to be going through LA to Pebble Beach in his Light yellow car. Richard met me and I got to drive his car, I mailed him a deposit check the next week. Working with Richard and spec’ing out the car was great, I really enjoyed how he kept me in the loop of the build by sending me pics and video’s through the entire process.

Jim E.
Richard and his crew of craftsmen are making the dream of owning a classic piece of Porsche history a reality with The RSR Project. Going through the build process is exciting and creates anticipation. The final product is your dream car realized. An experience I will never forget.

Derek O.
My experience with Richard Schickman and the RSR Project has been fantastic.

When I first met Richard, and saw one of his builds in person, I was extremely impressed and could immediately see the quality of the work and attention to the smallest details. That first visit, we spent several hours talking and meeting with various members of his team. It was clear that he is very organized and passionate about these cars and the results speak for themselves. I knew that he was the guy I wanted to take on my project. We discussed the details and my particular specs and kicked things off.

Since he already had sourced a solid donor car, things got underway very quickly. He kept me constantly up to date with emails, many photos, texts and quick calls. Throughout the process, Richard was always very quick to address any of my questions or concerns.

After only 8 months, from start to finish, the car was done and perfect! And that was only extended by my late addition of a roll bar, that happened to be backordered. I decided to wait for delivery of the car and have his team install the bar since I knew the welding and carpet work would be done perfectly, and it was.

He makes spectacular cars and I would recommend him to anyone. He’s a terrific guy with a passion for these cars and I very much enjoyed the entire process.

Chris R
I had a great experience with Richard building my Riviera Blue RSR tribute! I had searched long and hard for that perfect car and was glad to find Richard who graciously offered to build it exactly how I wanted it. If you are into Porsches and old 911s, then you know how hard it is to find someone that is highly qualified in older 911s, responsive and with a high degree of attention to detail. Richard was terrific to work with — I only wish all of my experiences with vintage Porsches were this easy. Not only was the build fast and smooth, but the car was in great shape and continues to be one of my favorites. Hope others can enjoy the craftsmanship and quality Richard delivers and the cars not only look great, but also are a blast to drive.

Sanjay R.
The formula on the car is so good.. It's so easy to drive all the time…. Style + Sound + Simple + Drivability = Joy

Ross G.
I knew that when it came time to building my dream RSR, Richard was the right man for it. His focus on uncompromising quality and execution was a massive win for me, and the reason I chose to work with him, no corners cut, no compromises and sure enough he did not disappoint. Richard has done a tremendous job in aggregating the best names in the business, for each individual item in a car, to create what I believe is the best backdate in the business. I had some “challenging” motor requests, and what I got in return far exceeded my expectations. Besides the product itself, working with him was a joy, always on hand and sending me progress updates, pictures, consulting with me on various build options and choices etc. This wasn’t my first rodeo restoring / building cars…I can honestly say Richard stacks up with the best of them.

Saif A